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2 x 5kg weight plate – 11 in x 1.35 in x 11 in (per weight)



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The Total Body Bar 5 KG (PAIR) Weighted Plates are the perfect addition to your home gym. Great for using it alone or with Total Body Bar. Customers love this equipment for working out abs and isolation exercises to hit specific muscle groups. Often used for hand weights for a full body workout. Unique handles on the weights allows you to secure grip and support their lifting technique. The pair of weights can be stacked together or held together for maximum results.

Compact Storage: simple storage for maximum results.
Gym Grade Durability: Quality and durability matters for us and our customers. Total Body Bar and Weight Set is built to last and help you take your workouts to the next level.

What is included and equipment specs:

  • 2 x 5kg weight plate – 11 in x 1.35 in x 11 in (per weight)

20 reviews for WEIGHTED PLATES (5 KG) (PAIR)

  1. Kamala O

    Working out at home is much more relaxing than worrying about who is beside you and if they are keeping the same level of cleanliness that you are. More importantly 5KG is the weight to aim if you want to test your isolation exercises to next level – specifically for biceps and triceps. Group fitness instructors and veteran participants alike. Highly recommend!

  2. A Price

    Bought the extra plates to go with my bar set so I don’t have to take weight off my bar when I do a set! No regrets, I’m super happy with them

  3. Lori G

    Amazing set. Such ease in changing the plates and perfect for standlone exercises! Shipping did take a day delay though, not a big issue.

  4. Angie Hawke

    Good quality product, cannot recommend them enough! Fast delivery, courier didn’t deliver one of the parcels but the seller contacted them and resolved the matter straight away. Would definitely recommend!

  5. Simon Poon

    One of the best customer service ever! I only received one, owner quickly sent out a replacement.

  6. Samuel Thorsein

    Bought extra for my home gym workouts! I love the grip and starting to get into cardio pump works as well! Shipping was little delayed by a day but it is expected during the pandemic.

  7. Andrew Augustine

    Thank you for having affordable weights! Shipping is a bit delayed but owner will follow up to ensure you get your package!

  8. Jeremie Gingras

    Ordered extra plates to supplement my training! I love the grip on these plates, its amazing for core and bicep workouts. Kudos for owner going extra mile for fast delivery.

  9. Tonyi Albacho

    Needed the extra weight for plate work and added bar weight. Works beautifully for chest isolation and bicep curls. Free shipping and arrived next day in Ontario!

  10. Derek Liao

    High Quality Equipment and affordable prices. The equipment cost may seem high but it’s an order of magnitude higher than the cheap competitors out there.

  11. Dena Q

    5 KG is great option for incremental weight increases! Plus love how much room I save in my condo living room. Great service too.

  12. Ann U

    After using these weights and equipment’s I feel I am stronger and could train harder!

  13. Clark K

    5 KG pair is brilliant when increasing from the lower plates and easier in the hand instead of trying to hold 2 smaller plates in the 1 hand. I use this for biceps and cycling workouts when I need heavier weights!

  14. Rachel N

    Needed the extra weight for plate work and added bar weight. Works beautifully for chest flies and bicep curls. Service is great too, any questions email them! They are very responsive.

  15. Judy J

    I absolutely love this set. Easy to use and easy to transport. Love the ease of removing the weights and changing them.

  16. Roza L

    Love these. Really useful for plate work when 2.5 kg is not enough but 5 kg is just right. Also great for adding more weight combos on the bar. I use them for: Isolation exercises, core and various group fitness programs. Really happy I made the investment.

  17. Jessica A

    Really good quality, it’s super quick to attach to the total body bar. I also often have problems gripping plates properly since I have small hands, but these plates are very easy to use. Highly recommend!

  18. Taylor S

    I had already bought the bar and weight set, these was just addition because I got strong so quickly. Highly recommend, fast shipping.

  19. Jana Q

    These weights are fantastic because they are between the middle and large ones in the standard weight set. I find 5KG pair particularly great for arm exercise where the ‘large’ ones I had were too heavy and the middle ones weren’t challenging enough.

  20. Eva E

    Excellent to lift more weight! Much better than using traditional plates-especially for the shoulder isolation exercises. Love the grip.

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