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Barbell – 51.5 in x 5.15 in x 3.65 in and 2.75 kg (6 lbs)
2 x 1kg (2.2 lb) weight plate – 7 in x 1.5 in x 7 in (per weight plate)
2 x 2.5kg (5.5 lb) weight plate – 8.35 in x 1.35 in x 8.35 in (per weight plate)
2 x 5kg (11 lb) weight plate – 11 in x 1.35 in x 11 in (per weight plate)



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Maximize Performance

Gym-class Durability

Compact Storage



Introducing Fit Repo’s Total Body Bar and Weight Set is ultimate equipment in addition to your home gym. It takes the next virtual group fitness to the next level, allowing you to build muscle from comfort of your home while customizing the weights to your needs in a click!

Compact Storage: modern design for optimal storage and maximum results.
Gym Grade Equipment: Quality and durability matters for us and our customers. Total Body Bar and Weight Set is built to last and help you take your workouts to the next level.

What is included and equipment specs:

  • Barbell – 51.5 in x 5.15 in x 3.65 in and 2.75 kg (6 lbs)
  • 2 x 1kg (2.2 lb) weight plate – 7 in x 1.5 in x 7 in (per weight plate)
  • 2 x 2.5kg (5.5 lb) weight plate – 8.35 in x 1.35 in x 8.35 in (per weight plate)
  • 2 x 5kg (11 lb) weight plate – 11 in x 1.35 in x 11 in (per weight plate)

36 reviews for TOTAL BODY BAR & WEIGHT SET

  1. Marc K

    Produits de qualité. Livraison rapide. Considérant le poids des produits à expédier, les frais d’expédition sont très très abordables.

  2. Robert F

    I received everything as advertised and am very happy with my home gym. Everything was a great price and I am already looking at purchasing some more equipment.

    The weights are perfect but do have a rubber odor which was expected. It dissipated to become barely noticeable after about a week. Great customer service and would order again.

  3. Nancy C

    I was working out with standard weights and a cheap step bench. Man4and wow what a difference! I’m tall and the weight changes are incredibly simple and FAST! I don’t have to pause my workout to adjust my weights. Perfect for virtual group fitness classes. Must have for home gym, takes very little space and effective. Highly recommend!

  4. Kelly K

    I purchased the bar and weight set. Not only did I receive it within days of ordering it but the quality of the equipment is top notch. I would definitely recommend this company and their products! Only feedback is couriers handled outer box roughly but inside contents are well packaged.

  5. Shelly O

    Very light weight and love the quick snap on and release. Must have for group fitness instructors and veterans alike. The best investment I made to my fitness since pandemic hit in Canada. Thank you for fast shipping to Quebec!

  6. Kyle H

    The ordering process was super easy and staff were responsive and helpful. The equipment itself is nowhere near commercial grade, but for the price, and for a home gym, I’m super happy with all of it

  7. Leslie I

    I like it very much. The handle of the weights are very comfortable on your hands. The weights are easy to put on the bar. They are amazing. I also like the material used. Fast shipping to Quebec too!

  8. Benjamin I

    I live quite far away so shipping did take quite some time. But the quality of the items I purchased was incredible. All in all I’m very impressed with Fit Repo weights I would definitely recommend it.

  9. Debra C

    Simple off and on of the weight plates makes following the workouts and shifting weight simple and quick. The equipment is sleek, so it make for easy storage.

  10. Paulina R

    Love the customer service and equipment. Ingenious invention, able to change weight quickly, bar rotation. All aspects well thought out. Best piece of home gym equipment there is.

  11. Zack S

    Great experience from the owner, understanding if there are issues. Very happy with the product and buying experience. Packaged with care and in good condition. I’m excited to start doing Pump again. Thank you again for helping us get fit during the pandemic!

  12. Shanda Y

    The bar is easy to hold and moves great in the hands. The weights are easy to put on and take off the bar. The handle in the middle of the weights makes it so comfortable to hold as well as the grip for the outside. Nicely designed! I already have friends that have bought one.

  13. Anne L

    Très bonne qualité. Facile à assembler (c’est mon fils de 15 ans qui l’a assemblé seul). Vraiment satisfaite de mon achat et livré à domicile à peu de frais en plus !!

  14. Carylon B

    Love having my weights at home so I can hit my workouts, whenever it works for me. I just turn on my group fitness program and I’m ready to go. This has made a big difference in my workouts!

  15. Darina K

    Excellent barbell and super easy to switch weights. To me – this entirely replaces the need of having to go to the gym in person to achieve equivalent results.

  16. Donna T

    I have been using this equipment at my local gym and really wanted a set for home use. It’s very easy to add and remove weights and they are convenient for hand use as well. I’m happy with my purchase and have since ordered more weights.

  17. Alice P

    Great sale and amazing seller. I purchased from this seller before, and needed additional weights as I got stronger and better with my pump workouts. Awesome communication and items shipped very quickly. Will do business again and highly recommend this vendor. Great experience.

  18. Casey F

    The perfect gym equipment for my workout space – compact and easy to store. The mechanism to add or remove weights is simple to use.

  19. Cullen M.

    Tout a ete tres clair, expedition rapide et bon service apres vente.

  20. Dawn L

    So easy to use and you can change the weights super fast. I ordered a few extra plates and they are very comfortable as hand weights also.

  21. Sherryl S

    I can’t put my finger in exactly why, but I just LOVE this bar and weights set. It’s affordable, easy to use, and it somehow actually makes me WANT to do my sets. That in itself is a miracle!

  22. Michael B.

    The package was shipped in a timely manner despite the backlogs created by the BC flooding incident. Not only that, but the Fit Repo sent frequent updates as to where my products were at each stage of their movement.
    Would purchase again.

  23. Crystal L

    I had been trying to work out from home but the workouts just weren’t the same with regular dumbbells. I started having problems with my wrists so I finally decided to get the Total Body Bar and Weight Set since they’re ergonomic. The weight plates been a lot easier on my hands. The bar also takes some strain off my wrists.

  24. Godfrey K

    I bought some weights from these guys and was able to build my home gym at a time when COVID made working out near impossible. I was able to get all my equipment super fast and I cannot say enough about the customer service. These guys come highly recommended and its no secret why.

  25. Logana Q

    Overall, I love the product; feels so good to own my own little setup. Other than ‘your product has shipped,’ there are no shipping or delivery updates via their email; nonetheless, it arrived quicker than expected.

  26. Lynn L

    Durable, sturdy and arrived quickly! Love it for my virtual fitness regime and part of my physio programs.

  27. Tracey M.

    Great set up. Shipping was what they had predicted. Good customer service. Easy to assemble and very sturdy. This unit does it all. Cancelled my gym membership and will do virtual fitness classes at home. Huge money saver.

  28. Taylor S

    Great product and great customer service! I’d highly recommend this vendor; he went the extra mile for me. Best place to purchase group fitness products at affordable prices.

  29. Darcie H

    The weights and the bar are so easy to use. They make it easy to take weights on and off quickly during a set. Great quality and love that the weights are easy to hold for exercises without the bar.

  30. Gabby C

    Très simple a monter, la qualité du produit est impressionnant pour le prix je recommande. Seul chose, j’ajouterais a la description du produit la grosseur des troue de la cage pour ceux qu’il prévoit y ajouter des accessoires.

  31. Thomas B.

    Works great! No issues setting up. It seems pretty sturdy and fit my condo well. Equipment is quite fun and innovative love the fast clicks to swap weights quickly between sets.

  32. Densen A

    I enjoy the ease of adding/removing weights to the bar. I enjoy the ability to use the weights on the bar on held. Great equipment!

  33. Greg H

    Excellent service outstanding service and excellent packing. Responsive and effective. Item was as advertised. I would highly recommend. Item was extremely well packed.

  34. Alina K

    Cannot wait to start using these for my at home Pump, Strength, and other weight workout sessions! thanks so much :)! Affordable and best customer service there is.

  35. Emily P

    Great product and customer service! Was a bit hesitant ordering from these guys at first, but their customer service is very responsive over email. Would highly recommend the equipment for virtual group fitness classes!

  36. Samuel T

    I used this seller to purchase my weights plates also and am very happy. Item was new, exactly as described, and I was able to get it very quickly. Thank you!

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